PACS Mission

The mission of the Panic and Anxiety Community Support (PACS) is to provide a reliable source of information and community for people who are affected by Panic and Anxiety disorders. This means those who are personally dealing with these conditions along with their family and friends. The informational articles and content on the website will be provided by trained medical professionals who see and treat these conditions on a daily basis. This includes psychologists, therapists, counselors, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, trainers, dietitians, and holistic healers.   

This website is designed to tell the true story of what people who are dealing with anxiety and panic conditions are going through, information and techniques that could make it easier to deal with these conditions as well as product reviews to help people from getting taken advantage of with false promises of a miracle cure. 

In full disclosure, this website is not a charity and although we are doing this because it is a cause that is very personal to us, we are hoping to turn this into our life’s work and full time career. With that being said we will be eventually recruiting sponsors to help subsidize the cost of maintaining and growing the website. These sponsors will be heavily screened by our founders, contributors, and readers to ensure the products and services they provide are actually beneficial to people dealing with Panic and Anxiety issues and not just a lot of false hope with no results.